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Download songs from Soundcloud, convert them to MP3 format and save to your device to access offline.

You can Copy Link from the Share menu on any Soundcloud song or playlist, and then paste it here, hit Search..
Or you can use this as search box, just enter some keywords and press Search to see results, if any.

Soundcloud Songs Downloader & MP3 Converter

Soundcloud is full of great music, be that just some green newbie artist or a well known songwriter & performer, there is always something for the soul. But there are times when Soundcloud streaming is not possible, like when you're on the underground train to work, or maybe stuck somewhere in basement at work, where WiFi is not possible, and normal mobile Internet is not accessible, this is the time you should remember to use SoundcloudMP3 (next time you're on WiFi, of course).. And so when you do have a change, get to know this site, it will help you download all your favorite soundcloud songs and DJ mixes, album promost and provocative podcasts.

Anything and everything that's on Soundcloud can be safely downloaded to your device in MP3 format and saved for offline access later, when network is not reachable and streaming is not possible. Don't be left without your favorite music. Simply copy song link from Soundcloud app or website, insert it into our form, hit Search and see what we can offer for download opportunities. You can also skip the copy-paste step if you use our Bookmark below, but it's kinda only beneficial if you're on desktop or laptop, although mobile works too, but you'll do as many steps as copy-pasting involve, so there's no sense in using this Shortcut on mobile devices. But enough about us, let's quickly tell you more about our features in the colorful images and diagrams below...

Find songs on Soundcloud using our Search feature

Here you can try our new feature, it's basically Soundcloud search without all the parameters available on their website or app, here we just do simple search for keywords in titles and descriptions. And print out up to 50 first results that best fit your search. If you haven't found the song you were looking for, try to refine search, include possible release year or actual artist if you only did title, and add title if you were just looking for the artist as search keywords. After you find the song you want, click on its title or icon, or even Download button next to it, and proceed to download MP3 the usual way - select format, Get Download Links, then Save Link As or maybe even just lick the button.. We also offer HQ master upload if it's available. It is a rare occurence nowadays on Soundcloud, all the artists want to send you somewhere their social account or maybe some online store, or linktree collection of stores and other links, so downloads of master MP3 (or even sometimes FLAC, WAVE, and any other format with better sound quality) - they are not always enabled, and rather quite rarely enabled... But we will offer the HQ download in the dropdown options menu IF it is available. You can also save music as MP4 file, taken from the MPEG-TS stream, not 128kbps usual preview, but pretty much same sounf quality..


How to download Soundcloud tracks effortlessly?


How to download Soundcloud songs fast and easy?

  1. Find the song you want to download on Soundcloud website or in the app, then copy its URL address to clipboard.
  2. Now open our website and insert URL from clipboard into the white input box on top of the page, hit Search.
  3. Our system will search for this song, and if found - will present you with available download methods.
  4. Select the HQ version when possible, or usual 128kbps version, and download to your device.

Do you limit user downloads in any way?

No, we don't. Most downloads happen directly from Soundcloud, so it's not up to us to do any kind of limits.

Can I search Soundcloud without leaving this app?

Yes, as a matter of fact, you can now use the box on top as search keywords receptacle, so if you submit anything that is not a properly formatted URL ( - it will be treated as search request and we will try to find it on Soundcloud. Up to 50 first results will be shown to you, so if you can't find the song you're looking for - try to change keywords somehow more appropriate, include artist or anything else youi know about this song.

How to download Soundcloud Songs to MP3 file on Android or iPhone?

  1. First open Soundcloud app (or website, although it may complain that you need to install the App), locate the song you want to download, open it in its own browser tab or whatnot, then hit Share button and Copy Link
  2. Open this site, and insert the link you copied earlier into the form on top of page, hit orange button to submit link for processing.
  3. Soon you will see a drop-down list of download options, pick the one you like, and download resulting MP3 to your device.

Download Soundcloud Music with our webapp

Add to Home Screen

To make things easier and more streamlined for our mobile users, we've come up with this awesome web-app. It will work great on Android and Windows based devices, not just mobile, but also desktop and laptops will do this: offer you to install webapp, either with help of a little download-like icon in the address bar, or with a special Add to home screen suggestion on mobile.. Also there's an option to install the app in browser menu, check it out, on mobile it says Add to Home Screen, while on desktop it will say 'Install Download Soundcloud Music app', or a shorter version, but you will see it there. Trust your favorite browser, it knows what it's doing. The app will be great, can uninstall it via the special menu on top in just 2 clicks, or you can keep it and use this website as a native app on your device. Apple users with Safari browsers will not see this functionality, but they can still benefit from Shortcut action described below.

Shortcut for quick access using Bookmark-let

Download audio

This is mainly for desktop users (bookmarklet) and for Apple device users, who will know this best as Shortcut. All you need to do is drag this button and drop is to your bookmarks section. It works so that you need to click it while on a Soundcloud page with song, or playlist. It will instantly send you here. And it will take care of the Soundcloud URL, so you literally end up doing 2-3 clicks and Soundcloud MP3 file is yours. No copy-paste required here, just plain old bookmark click, then Search button click on this site already, and finally your download options are there in under 15-20 seconds.

Please, share this website with your friends or colleagues, it's safe for work environment, it has zero distractions, no ads, no redirects, we just want to become a famous one-stop Soundcloud to MP3 downloader and converter, simply because we offer more download options, make file more attractive and easier to find by including thumbnail and meta-data, etc. We will be happy to help you and all your friends download their favorite Soundcloud songs in MP3 format, just give us a try.